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We have been a part of the Cirencester community for over 200 years and we are proud to support many local charities and fund raising activities. Our commitment in this area has been acknowledged by the Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Law Society with an award for the corporate social responsibility “firm of the year” award. We also received an award for corporate social responsibility from Cirencester Chamber of Commerce.

GWILS CSR Firm of the Year

Charity Selection

Every year, the staff select a Charity which they would like to support for the next 12 months. Then the fun begins as we start organising events to raise funds, learn more about our Charity, and get involved as much as we can in supporting what they do. So, staff participate in Charity Events, hold cake sales and cook up soups and jacket potatoes to sell to colleagues. All these activities give everyone the opportunity to be involved in making a real difference to the Charity we support.

One of our most memorable Charity Events was a ‘sponsored jailbreak’, where members of staff competed in teams of two or three to ‘escape’ from Cirencester Police Station with the aim of getting as far away as they could without any money to pay their way. It was an immense success and reports came in of people making it as far away as the Scilly Isles, Ireland and one team even managed to make it to France! Funds raised went to Children in Need and those taking part were able to hand over the donation live on television!


For 2022, staff have voted to support The Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home which has been providing care and support to vulnerable animals in their community for over 80 years.  The Charity works across Gloucestershire and supports over 1,000 animals each year, as well as finding families for pets who need a new home and providing access to veterinary treatment for pets living with financially vulnerable families through subsidised clinics to ensure that no animal suffers because of cost of treatment

OUR CHOSEN CHARITY 2020 and 2021

Our chosen charity for 2020 is Big Yellow Bus Project. The double decker bus was acquired by Gerry Watkins in 2017 and has undergone a conversion to provide warm, comfortable sleeping and basic cooking facilities for rough sleepers. The upper deck of the bus provides for 7 beds each in their own sleeping quarters including two sleeping quarters specifically designed to provide females with additional privacy and security. A further bed is provided on the lower deck to accommodate the overnight Warden. The aim of the project is to provide rough sleepers with low cost overnight accommodation as an alternative to sleeping on the streets.

We continued to support the Big Yellow Bus for an extra year in 2021 in light of the Covid pandemic and its implications for both the charity and our fund raising.


Our chosen charity for 2019 is Centred Horseplay which is situated just outside Cirencester and helps young people with a range of serious problems such as drug and alcohol misuse, anxiety and eating disorders, neglect, abuse, aggression, bullying and other emotional and behavioural issues. They are referred because they are ‘stuck’ or disengaged from talk based support. Centred Horseplay delivers ‘The Horse Course’ which is based on a concept to teach, rehearse and repeat key skills in an intensive and challenging but fun five day course through non-ridden work with horses. It addresses engagement, responsibility, calmness, assertiveness, realistic analysis and planning, focus and perseverance, relating to others/empathy and communication and language.


Our chosen charity for 2018 is Cirencester Foodbank. This opened in 2012 and in its last financial year, handed out 2,783 three day emergency food supplies to people in the area. The Foodbank is part of a nationwide network supported by the Trussell Trust working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Our Chosen Charity 2017

Our chosen Charity for 2017 is Scrubditch Care Farm which provides farming based activities for adults and young people with learning difficulties, challenging behaviour or mental health problems. Students take part in a variety of activities including work with animals, growing vegetables, fruits and flowers, cooking and learning basic woodworking skills. The farm is based just outside of Cirencester from which it provides its therapeutic farm based activities focusing on increasing confidence, building independence and promoting good health and well being.

Our Chosen Charity 2016

Our chosen Charity for 2016 was The James Hopkins Trust. We are delighted that over £420 was raised for the James Hopkins Trust by SML staff. This charity provides practical help for severely disabled, life threatened and life limited young children with nursing needs, aged 5 years and under and living in Gloucestershire. Since 1989 the Trust has helped well over 350 children and families providing 150,000 hours of nursing care, all free to those that desperately need it.

Other Charity Events

We have also been delighted to continue our support of a number of local and nationwide events ranging from cake sales and coffee mornings to sponsored runs and walks.

Work Experience

In addition to our Charity work, we have strong links with local Schools, and Colleges, and as part of our ongoing commitment to training the next generation, we support them by offering work experience placements and opportunities to see the work we do first hand.

Keeping Green

We are conscious of being as ‘green’ as possible with recycling facilities available throughout the office for all our recyclable materials.

Work related material, such as confidential paper and documents, is shredded for security reasons and then taken away by a firm which turns the paper into a number of new projects. All cardboard is also recycled.

Working in the Cotswolds means that those who are lucky enough to live close by enjoy a wonderful walk or cycle to work, leaving their car at home. For those who live further away in the countryside and therefore require a car, staff share lifts wherever possible.

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