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Pre-nuptial agreements made before a marriage or a civil partnership seek to regulate what would happen financially upon their breakdown. Post-nuptial agreements are made after the marriage or civil partnership and have the same purpose. It is sensible to consider entering into a pre-nuptial agreement setting out each other’s contribution to the asset pot of the marriage and how you and your partner would like such assets to be divided should that relationship fail.

It would be appropriate for such an agreement to be reviewed at regular intervals after your marriage or civil partnership (post-nuptial agreements), especially where further assets are acquired or upon the birth of children.

We also draw up living together and property ownership agreements to protect the respective family interests when a couple cohabit.

Example of our experience – Pre-nuptial agreement

We acted for H who was due to remarry. H and W both had grown up children from their previous marriages, they both had recovered assets following their previous divorces and they both wanted to ensure that those assets would not be at risk in the event of this marriage coming to an end. We therefore negotiated terms of a pre-nuptial agreement which provided for all pre-acquired assets to be retained by H and W respectively and for any assets acquired after their marriage to be shared equally.

We also arranged for a review after 3 years of marriage and at intervals thereafter as it was anticipated that views may change in terms of making provision for each other and possible future pooling of some of their assets.

We have the experience and skills to negotiate for you the difficult territories of trust, contract, property and children law to find the best outcome.

The Family Team are offering an initial free half hour consultation to new clients during which we can discuss your situation and objectives. If you would like to take some initial advice on your family matters then please telephone 01285 650000 and ask to speak to a member of the Family Team.

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Tracey Amos

Tracey Amos

Associate and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

"It was a difficult time and yet the whole process was managed very well indeed. Excellent service"

Sarah Pugh

Sarah Pugh

Associate Solicitor

“Your level of service was excellent throughout my divorce”

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