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We specialise in all types of financial claims following divorce: from high value farming divorces through to business assets and the more usual cases.

The breadth of the firm’s practice is such that we can readily call on in-house expertise in relevant spheres such as trusts, taxation, Lloyds cases, property, employment, business and company law.

We guide clients through the potential pitfalls involved in maintenance, property adjustment, lump sum orders and variations of trusts. We will spell out options and seek to provide a clear template for the future.

Example of our experience: Collaborative Law divorce

We acted for W. The parties had been married for many years and had no children. They jointly owned a house and several endowment policies and H had a sizeable pension. The matter was dealt with using the collaborative process with the parties agreeing to exclude contested court proceedings in accordance with the collaborative law principles. With the assistance of a collaborative law colleague acting for H and by involving a pension expert in one of the four-way meetings, we were successful in guiding the parties to agreeing both the terms of the divorce and a financial settlement which they were content with after only two meetings. This agreement was achieved at considerably less cost than would have been required with protracted negotiations or indeed, contested court proceedings.

The Family Team are offering an initial free half hour consultation to new clients during which we can discuss your situation and objectives. If you would like to take some initial advice on your family matters then please telephone 01285 650000 and ask to speak to a member of the Family Team.

Resolution Specialist


Erica Burrows

Erica Burrows

Managing Partner

"Erica dealt with what was a very sensitive matter for me with great understanding and tact"

Sarah Pugh

Sarah Pugh

Associate Solicitor

“Your level of service was excellent throughout my divorce”

Sophie Pascoe

Sophie Pascoe

Trainee Solicitor
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