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Our experienced Family Team are committed to working in a non-confrontational manner so that divorce proceedings can progress as smoothly as possible. We seek to agree as much as possible in order to reduce the cost both emotionally and financially.

We can provide practical and clear advice as to how to deal with the particular circumstances of the breakdown of the marriage or relationship. No two couples or families are the same and different problems require different solutions.

Our family team have years of experience in finding appropriate solutions: sometimes we need to go straight to Court; more often we can find a fair and sensible plan, which will save both financially and emotionally. Our aim is to give clients friendly, fair and objective advice and to provide a reliable guide at a difficult time in their life.

The Family Team are offering an initial free half hour consultation to new clients during which we can discuss your situation and objectives. If you would like to take some initial advice on your family matters then please telephone 01285 650000 and ask to speak to a member of the Family Team.

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Fixed Fee Divorce

Our Family Team are now offering a fixed fee for uncontested divorces or dissolutions at a rate of £500* plus VAT. The Court fee of £550.00 is payable in addition to this firm’s legal charges.  This fixed rate will allow you to ensure clarity with divorce/dissolution costs whilst securing expert legal advice. In addition to this, our Family Team can also assist you with the resolution of financial and children issues arising as a result of your separation and divorce/dissolution and will provide a cost estimate for these matters based on your individual situation.

*This fee applies to divorces or dissolutions which are not contested by the other party, no amendments to the divorce petition are required, no court hearings are required in relation to the divorce/dissolution or costs claim, the whereabouts of the other party are known, no additional applications to court are required such as applying for deemed service, the respondent completes the acknowledgement of service, the marriage certificate is readily available and there are no jurisdiction issues

Please contact Tracey or Sarah in our Family Team on 01285 649782 for assistance.

Resolution Specialist


Tracey Amos

Tracey Amos

Associate and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

"It was a difficult time and yet the whole process was managed very well indeed. Excellent service"

Sarah Pugh

Sarah Pugh

Associate Solicitor

“Your level of service was excellent throughout my divorce”

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