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Our fees are based on the amount of time spent on a matter and the hourly rate of the person working on your behalf. The amount of time spent can differ a lot between cases, and may depend on many factors such as:

  • the complexity of the matter, to include if amendments to the claim are required and number of witnesses;
  • whether the debt is defended, or a counterclaim issued;
  • where there are issues of jurisdiction;
  • the need for attendance at court and length of trial;
  • if the defendant is a litigant in person or if there are multiple defendants.

Although not possible to give a precise estimate of costs, the following is a guide as to our likely fees:

  • Simple Claims – £2000-£5000 plus VAT
  • Medium Complexity Claims – £3500-£15,000 plus VAT
  • Complex Claims – £15,000 and over plus VAT

Fee Earner’s Rates

Our litigation fee earners hourly rates are as follows:

Erica Burrows           Managing Partner      £320 plus VAT
Rachel Wooddisse    Partner                         £320 plus VAT
Nicola Severs             Solicitor                       £250 plus VAT

Other Costs and Disbursements

In addition to our fees, other costs will be payable when issuing a claim. The fee payable to the Court differs with the value of the claim, and ranges from £70 for a court-issued claim up to a value of £1000, up to £10,000 for a claim in excess of £200,000. These court fees change periodically, and the .GOV website should be checked for up to date information ( Other court fees may be payable during the life of the claim after it has been issued.

In addition, you may need an expert report to assist you in your claim. We will obtain estimates for the expert reports, and will instruct them once you are happy with your choice.

For medium to complex claims, a barrister will usually be instructed to draft the court papers and to represent you. We will assist you to find a barrister with the right experience for your case; a fee will be agreed before formally instructing the barrister to undertake work on your behalf.

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