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These days, most people need to be able to drive to do their job and the potential loss of a driving licence or penalty points can be a stressful experience.

Our Litigation Team are experienced in dealing with all types of road traffic offences and appear in Magistrates’ Courts for clients across England and Wales.

Seeking advice at an early stage could provide more options and so our Litigation Team are happy to hold initial discussions via telephone.

In addition, we offer fixed fees for some road traffic offences which the team are happy to advise on.

Examples of our experience

Penalty Points Disqualification

We acted for a gentleman caught for a speeding offence. As he already had nine penalty points on his licence, he was facing disqualification from driving for a minimum of six months. By discussing his personal, financial and employment circumstances with him, we were able to present a case for exceptional hardship to the Magistrates’ Court and were successful in preventing him from being disqualified from driving.

Drink Driving

A client charged with drink driving consulted the firm. On reviewing the prosecution evidence we were able to agree with the prosecution that the appropriate charge was the lesser offence of being drunk in charge. This resulted in the client receiving penalty points as opposed to an automatic disqualification from driving of at least 12 months.

Resolution Specialist


Erica Burrows

Erica Burrows

Managing Partner

"Erica dealt with what was a very sensitive matter for me with great understanding and tact"

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